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A sampling of testimonials/reviews that we've selected from several social media sites.


From Megan Kelley Hair Color Facebook Page


Robin Mancini‎ 


Megan Kelley Hair Color at Bei Capelli, Daytona Beach

8/26/2019 at 11:27 AM ·

Thank You Megan!! After moving from Connecticut 5 years ago I have been searching for a high end-hair color and style artist and finally found you. Your name kept coming up when asked for the best hairstylist on What's Happening in Daytona.

My hair looks and feels beautiful and your vast international experience is apparent with my end result. Thank you again.. So very happy.


From Bei Capelli’s YELP page:

Ariel R 

5 stars  3/29/2018 

My experience at Bei Capelli has been wonderful each time  I’ve gone. Everyone is friendly and accommodating and you immediately  feel at ease when coming in.

My hair stylist, Megan, is absolutely excellent. She cut and colored  my hair and I could not be happier with the results. She is a great  listener and made sure to communicate exactly what my results would be  like before she even mixed the colors. I am very impressed with her.

I have been recommending Bei Capelli to anyone looking to have their hair done. ”


From Bei Capelli’s YELP page:


Monica P     

5 stars    2/13/2018      

 I hadn't had a haircut that I've loved in  well over a year until I visited Bei Capelli about a week ago! Megan is  awesome - she provided great insight when I asked for her thoughts on  the overall look I was hoping to achieve! Super friendly and took her  time too, even when I was the last client for the night!


From Bei Capelli’s YELP page:

Ashley L  

5 stars      11/27/2017 

I have visited this salon off and on over the years and  even had my hair done here for my wedding. Their newest stylist and  color expert, Megan Kelley, is phenomenal. She is the kind of stylist  you want to revisit over and over again. I wanted highlights that were  not too blonde. She gave me a perfect honey blonde color with highlights  and low lights that look perfectly natural. She also gave me bangs, a  first for me. I love the color and the new look and am complimented  daily on my hair, even though the new look is now several months old. I  would highly recommend Megan for color and style. She comes from Vidal  Sassoon in Boston and Atlanta and is a hidden gem in Daytona.


Kathy’s 11/17/17 review: ” I absolutely love my hair cut  and color. Made an appointment with Megan after looking at sites on the  internet. My hair was damaged and my hair just didn’t look healthy or  shiny. When we met, I think she read my  mind because she put a treatment on my hair (can’t think of   the name),  put lowlights in, cut off about 3” and I love the way she cut my bangs.  My hair is shiny, healthy, and I just love it! Plus, Megan is SO  friendly! SO glad I found Megan!”


From Megan’s Yellow Pages page:

Gabrielle C:  

5 stars  7/18/2017

overall feeling: impressed
Impressed with the amount of background knowledge the stylist has.
Impressed with the atmosphere.
Impressed with my hair.
I had Megan as my stylist and she did an exceptional job on my hair. Highly recommend her or anyone there.

Beautiful place, beautiful people.


 From Megan's YELP page              

Britt J

5 stars       1/30/2018       

Just touched down from NYC and  Megan Kelley is my first stop! Go now, run to her! She is super talented  and knows how to color hair and engage with her clients!! Keep up the  fantastic work Megan!


From Bei Capelli's YELP page

Sandy D

5 stars      11/14/2017       

If you want the best haircut and color you  have EVER had call for Megan!!! Totally awesome! Fabulous cut and  beautiful color...turned my frizzy raggy hair into something beautiful!  Highly recommended! Nice experience being there..from the glass of wine  to the knowledge of the girls who work there.  My go to place from now on!


From Megan's YELP page

 Mandy H

5 stars        10/10/2017       

Megan is extremely talented at  matching my former color to what she did on my roots. She didn't even  have to tone! She is also carful In not damaging my existing colored  hair.


From Bei Capelli’s YELP page:

Amalia P

San Diego CA

5 stars        10/17/2017       

I was in town for work and was looking for a  salon that uses Coldwell product. I Google searched and found Bei  Capellie. From the moment I entered the salon, I  felt very welcomed!  Everyone who works there is super nice! I'm so glad I got my hair done  by Megan! She's a pro with color and super knowledgeable! I'm kind of  picky with my hair color and I was a little nervous since this was my  first time! Megan took her time with me to make sure she understood what  color I like. It turned out perfect and I'm so pleased with the color!  Thank you so much Megan, you're the best!!!!
While I was at the salon  waiting, I also got my nails done by Dara, who pampered my hands with  shea butter oil, was very gentle and knowledgeable as well. She  explained to me how should I take care of my split nails. Dara is a  perfectionist! My hand and nails looked so beautiful when she was done! I  usually don't write reviews but I had to write to share experience! I  definitely recommend this place, Megan and Dara! If I was from Daytona  Beach, I wouldn't look for another salon!


 From Bei Capelli's YELP page:

Jean G

Ormond Beach

5 stars      9/15/2017       

Megan performed miracles!! Hair cut:  incredible!! 3-color highlights: Gorgeous!! Accommodating: OMG Yes!! she  worked around my schedule & my laptop!! Thrilled and Looking' Hot!!  Thank you Megan!!!!


From Bei Capelli's YELP page


Koloa HI

5 stars       5/31/2017       

This place is a hidden grotto of women  working magic on hair and beauty in general!! That are all so sweet and  caring. It just feels like ya could  hang out and drink wine with them.  They are very through on the procedures. The first Salon ever to check  on what keratin product I used in the past to make sure theirs is  compatible and that it wasn't too soon. Thank you Susie and Megan!!
I  have long wavy frizzy hair that is always a challenge! Megan was great  with it.  
Thank you ladies!!! Keep blessing us with your talents!


From a guest through Square feedback – 5/19/16

Megan is the best Colorist I have ever had. I get compliments on my color all the time.


From Jill C – 1/24/2016


So I am SUPER picky with my hair color (blonde). I have  lived in NYC and Boston (for 15 years combined) and I have been to some  of the best stylist and colorist in the industry. Megan is an excellent  colorist. She is well trained and an expert in her field. I went to  several of the top places here in Atlanta (Vidal, Van Michael, etc.) and  not one of them lived up to Megan’s precision and technique. She takes  her time when layering your color (I like tight foils) and listens to  what you have liked and didn’t like from the past. She uses all the  latest technologies and techniques the top salons are using (Olaplex,  etc.). Prior to my move to Atlanta, I found an expert colorist in Boston  and when I moved to NY, I drove from NY to Boston every 7 weeks just  for her to do my color; I would do 

the same for Megan Kelley (my former  stylist is how I connected with Megan in Atlanta).
On top of her amazing skills, she is so sweet, personable and welcoming  to her salon. She creates a happy, fun environment. And Faith, her  assistance is very friendly and skilled as well. Also, she is a Vidal  trained colorist, which is top notch training and cannot be beat in the  industry. I highly recommend Megan for any of your coloring needs. I  will definitely be going here every 7 weeks for long time.


YELP review from Kym S, Marietta, GA
5 stars

Very professional and sweet. My color is exactly what I envisioned and wanted. She knows color!! Love her and will go back!


From Barbara L
I must possess a great gene pool! I NEVER had the need to color my hair  until my late 50’s. Megan was very conservative and introduced me to the  world of coloring. I continue to patronize this great professional  because she listens carefully and understands my lifestyle. You can’t go  wrong with Megan Kelley Salon!


From Cora W – 11/25/2015

I love my hair color Megan!! Thank you !!!!

************************************************************************************************************* Review from Cindy H
5 stars
Love, love, love Megan and all the girls at Megan Kelley Salon!!! People  are always surprised to hear that I get my hair colored (the secret is  out, now!) because Megan makes my color look so natural – and that’s the  way I like it! She keeps me looking young in spite of my birth date!


From a guest through Square Feedback – 9/19/2015

Perfection! As always!


From Darla Z
Megan is such a gifted artist when it comes to hair and she takes the  time to get to know each of her clients. She is superb and I highly  recommend checking out her salon!


Haze Devlin

— at Megan Kelley Salon Atlanta.


From Imani

A New Testimonial! 10/26/2014

Best in Town: Megan and Ashley Salons

Let me tell you a secret about me: I’m hair obsessed. I won’t just  let anyone play around up there and I’ve been getting relaxer and color  from Megan Kelley and cuts by Ashley Fong since I was in my teens. They  have seen me through multiple “big chops,” dramatic color changes, and  at-home-DIY damage control. My hair has always been healthy and the  least of my problems because I leave it in their capable hands. Kinky,  curly, straight, brunette, blonde, whatever, whatever, they can handle  it.

Even when I was traveling all over the world, “studying” (read:  drinking) abroad, I would take my breaks and hop back across the pond to  let them tame the mane. And, boy, do they. I started seeing them when  they were at Vidal Sassoon in Lenox, then followed them to a boutique  salon in the East Andrews district. Finally, finally, they have their  own salons on Mount Vernon Road off 400 and you can find me there every  couple of weeks. It’s such an ordeal, too. Being plied with fine  chocolate and La Croix water as I get my head massaged by the best  hairdressers in the city. As usual, poor me!

I would have taken “before and after” pictures but it’s against my  religion to take pictures without makeup and with my hair undone. Sorry.


From Lee C


Sitting in a coffee shop, I just had the 7th stranger this week  comment on how much they like my hair color. 7th! Comments included,  “beautiful”, “natural”, “wonderful dimensions”, “extremely attractive”,  and, “whatever you were before, don’t go back!” I’ve been lucky enough  to have Megan take care of my hair for somewhere around 7 or 8 years and  she’s the ONLY person I would have ever let change me from blonde to  red. She has a wonderful heart and spirit in addition to being an  outstanding professional in her field. I’m so thankful I have her  friendship and her talent in my life! Her assistants deserve special  mention too, they’re extremely capable and Faith gives one heck of a  blowout! I can’t help but walk around doing hair flips afterwards. 


YELP review from Kim A. Atlanta GA:
5.0 star rating

Since I moved back to ATL in 2009 from NY/NJ I have been searching  for someone that give me the hair color I love. I have always been a  blonde, but as most blondes my natural hair gets darker and darker ;(  Every colorist I had been to would either make me too dark or too  blonde. It was a constant battle. Megan not only FIXED my hair color  since my last colorist went really warm almost reddish on me, she gave  me the perfect mix of manageable blonde, while still feeling LIGHT like I  really want to be! She LISTENS to what I am trying to achieve and gives  me exactly what I want. The other plus is she highlights me with color  about 4 different colors to give dimension, which is also an extra step  most colorist don’t do. She never has to use bleach on me which is  another plus b/c its much better for your hair and she still achieves my  sandy/buttery blonde without it! AMAZING.


From a colleague 8/2014

Chris Kiss — 5 star rating. Megan is a mentor and a teammate. I know you  are in amazing hands with her. She is an honor to call a friend.  Support her in her dream. You will not regret it! Best of luck Megan!


Testimonial from Nancy F.:

 “Megan has been coloring my hair for more  than three years. … It was dried out from highlights containing bleach,  damaged and brassy. Since my first visit, she has been my personal  colorist, and I have never had a single thought of changing. Megan  listens carefully and explains thoroughly all the ins and outs and pros  and cons to different color options. She gives top priority to the  condition of my hair. …My hair has been lightened several shades,  highlighted and lowlighted and looks and feels natural, soft and silky–a  far cry from the way it looked when I visited her that first time. …  Aside from her skill as a color technician, Megan is a warm and very  considerate person who will go many extra miles to make your hair look  beautiful and your experience with her pleasant.”


From a colleague 1/2014:

Pam Conboy Wiese — 5 star rating. Awesome stylist! I have taken a  class from Megan and it was great! And she does tons of education with  all of the industry greats!


YELP review from Amy D, Chicago, IL

5.0 star rating

I lived in Atlanta for two years and found Megan at Soren salon. Not  only did I have tricky blonde highlights to match, I was coming off a  bad dye job that DESTROYED my hair. Megan matched the color perfectly  and, over the course of two years, helped me get my hair back to a place  I was comfortable with. She even stood with me through a mistaken  decision to dye my hair brown… and was there by my side to help me get  it back blonde.

At the top of my list of the very few things I miss about living in  Atlanta is this girl. Nobody deserves their own salon more. Good luck to  you, Megan!


“Shades of Red” – mother and daughter Desiree and Lauren

Desiree H., Atlanta GA
My daughter and I have been going to Megan for years! Love the color  that she gives me. Always creative! Megan understands what it takes to  keep her clients happy! She is well educated on color! Love her!


Diane B., Atlanta, GA
The most important things for me is to look like a “natural” blonde and  to have healthy, shiny hair……….Megan’s expertise with color and hair  continues to accomplish this for me. I wouldn’t trust anyone else in the  industry with my hair!

And Diane was our first review on YELP!:

5.0 star rating
First to Review

I think the best compliment I can get is when someone asks me who  does my hair? I love my color. My husband loves my color. Megan keeps me  looking like natural blonde with super healthy hair and her products  are fantastic! I am thrilled that she has opened her own salon with a  team of wonderfully talented women. Great experience!!


Soraya K., Alpharetta, GA
5.0 star rating

I met Megan back when she was with Vidal Sassoon…and I have followed  her ever since! So happy she has her own salon! Megan is a perfectionist  when it comes to hair color. She takes the time to analyze my hair to  determine what is needed to keep my hair “gray free” and healthy. She  uses only the best products and as a result my hair always looks  fabulous! Megan stays current on the latest trends and techniques  through her work with Davines. We are all lucky to have Megan, a “top  notch” hair colorist, in Atlanta!  


From a colleague 10/2013 :

Megan is a true inspiration, and an amazing colorist. I am truly  sorry she doesn’t work and live closer to me, so I can work with her  more often . I am truly excited for her as she embarks into her own  Salon and would encourage you to schedule an appointment with her. You  too well be inspired and amazed by her

Luann Pike-Schoenherr


by Patricia
Fantastic color by Megan!! – I’ve lived in Atlanta for a few years and  had given up hope of ever finding the right colorist. Just when I  decided that I should go back to NYC for my color, I found Megan! I  think that I can easily say that she is the best in Atlanta and would  even venture to say that she’s as good if not better than the top NYC  colorists. I’m also thrilled with the products that she recommended to  keep my color looking fabulous. I’m a happy customer and I’ll be back.