Megan Kelley Salon Atlanta focuses on delivering the perfect and best hair color for YOU. Megan specializes not only in natural, easy to maintain, healthy hair color, but creative hair color services as well. Whether you’re looking to change hair color or get hair color highlights, Megan’s color service will include a full skin tone matching and lifestyle analysis, along with easy maintenance options. We use Davines hair color and we sell natural hair care products by the prestigious Italian company whose motto is “Sustainable Beauty”. The Megan Kelley Promise- You will leave with healthier, shinier, more youthful looking hair- Guaranteed.

**Please note — all pricing for services is determined after personal consultation.  Basic Blow Dry is complimentary; Professional style is available — Additional appointment needed.

Single Process Color                             $80 +

Tint w/ partial highlights (a few foils)    $110 +

Tint with half head highlights                $160 +

Tint w/full foil highlights                         $210 +

Tint w/full foil & blow dry                       $235 +

Bleach and Toner                                 $150 +

Half-Head Highlights                            $140 +

Full-Head Highlights                             $190 +

Flying Colors                                          $60 +

Color Enhancer                                      $70 +

Ombre                                                  $205 +

Relaxer                                                   $95 +

Conditioning Treatment                          $35 +

Malibu Treatment                                    $35 +

Modulate Treatment                                $65 +

Olaplex in-salon Treatment                     $60 +

Olaplex in-salon w/blow dry                    $85 +

Olaplex in-salon w/color service     add  $30 +

Creative Color                                      by consultation

Corrective Color and Color Change    by consultation


Like your skin, hair needs to be treated on a regular basis. If your hair is dry, you need a deep moisturizer. If your hair is flat, you need to add volume. If your hair is frizzy, you need to smooth it. All of your hair needs can be handled with the Megan Kelley spa treatments. Focusing on your individual needs- treatments will restore your hair, add shine, and help you repeat your celebrity style at home everyday.

Be sure to ask Megan about our wonderful Davines treatments, Modulate treatments, Malibu treatments and Olaplex!!

What is a Malibu? It is a treatment meant to remove build-up from your hair such as: Well/hard water, Chlorine, product, color, and environmental smog build-up.

It is not meant as a color remover, but it could depending on how recent you colored your hair, or how damaged it may be.

Just because you have a water softener, it DOES NOT mean you are not getting the well water build-up in your hair. All a water softener does is filter out most minerals, but not all. It slows down the build-up process, so you will need fewer Malibu treatments. But you still need them!

What build-up comes from your well/hard water?
Iron, lime, calcium, and sulfur are the main minerals that can manipulate your hair, and not in a good way.

You may ask yourself this easy question.. What does my well/hard water do to my dishes, clothes, bath tub, sink, or toilet? Whatever answer you come up with, is the same answer it does to your hair.

Well/hard water can and will leave your scalp dry, your hair brassy, dry, and brittle. it can also prevent your color, perm, or other chemical services from developing correctly.


What is Olaplex?  Quite simply, it’s insurance for your hair.  Olaplex is a professional treatment that  is free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, gluten and is never tested on animals. Olaplex reconnects broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair. Hair bonds are broken during thermal, mechanical and chemical services.

ask for olaplexask for olaplex2



Relaxers are not the devil. Sometimes you just need a little smoothing to help you feel and look sexier when you style your own hair. Contrary to popular belief, they are not dangerous.  From frizz to fullness we can tackle all of your texture needs. Specializing in texture that works for your lifestyle,  Megan Kelley Salon Atlanta will provide you with a texture people can’t resist touching. We offer every strength of relaxing servicing for the most challenging of curls. Regardless of what texture service you desire we promise one thing- Full Hair Health. The Megan Kelley promise- You will leave with healthier, shinier, more youthful hair- guaranteed.




Come in and experience the perfect color combination. Megan will analyze your skin tone, hair type, lifestyle, and needs in order to develop the perfect service and tonal blend for you. Specializing in natural low maintenance color, Megan’s consultation will provide you with options on how to look and feel younger, visit the salon less, and keep all your friends guessing.

From Platinum to perfectly placed sun-kissed highlights, Megan is known and sought out for her expertise and skill in delivering that perfect blonde.

Nordic Blonde- Get the Look!


Looking for that soft Nordic blonde? Megan says, “No problem”

Maybe She’s Born with It?


This buttery blonde is the perfect combination of golden and beige tones. Best on the more tan of skin tones, this look can keep everyone asking, “maybe she’s born with it?”